The “Discovery” (5 Km)

From Baous to Réals After the first sensations of the Baous rapids, you pass by the old gravel pit of Vernazobres before crossing the village of Cessenon with its remains of ancient ramparts. A little further along, the excitement of the Moulin Neuf barrier slide awaits you before you arrive at Réals. A family course ... More

Descente de l'Orb

The Imperative (12 Km)

Roquebrun - Réals The start facing the village of Roquebrun, which is known as “the little Nice of Hérault”, and the ancient ruins of water mills, immediately envelopes you in the atmosphere! The first strokes of the paddle bring you to the ‘portfolio’ rapids. Then you will pass the Maynard slide dam before ... More

The Escapade (17 Km)

Ceps - Réals The bridge at Ceps, in the heart of the National Regional Park of High Languedoc, will be your departure point. The first rapids will take you towards the antique mill and the rapids Aqualand. The approach to the village of Roquebrun, the little Nice of the Herault, will then offer you an exceptional ... More

The Adventurer (32 Km)

Tarassac - Réals The starting point is near the hamlet of Tarassac, at the foot of Caroux massif, in the heart of the Regional Park of Haut Languedoc. Here you will see breathtaking panoramas: the Camps Cliffs, the picturesque villages of Vieussan, Ceps, Roquebrun and Cessenon. Rapids for sensations, calmer passages for ... More

Organized group activities

« Adventurer » option, Enjoy multi-activities… A climbing session and canoeing initiation in one day - 48 €   "Nature Lover" option, enjoy nature totally… An Accro’ Roc course, one night in a tent marabout (big round tent) and one day canoeing or kayaking - 65 €   "Bivouac" option", an unforge... More

Guided descent

Although canoeing and kayaking are highlights of the summer, you can enjoy them just as well in the autumn and the spring. As you are travelling down the flowing river, the canoe and kayak are also a way to immerse yourself in the stunning countryside and discover the many facets of this river. As you pass by at the foot ... More



Nager en eau vive avec BELLYAK ! More

Kayak trainning courses

Paddle Colours The Park of Réals and its instructors are affiliated with The French Federation of Canoe-Kayak and they use the Canoe-Kayak teaching method of: “Paddle Colours” Paddle Colours is a simple progression, all in colour: white, yellow, green, blue, red, black. To progress from White Paddles to Black ... More

Réals Natur’Raid

« Our guides propose an educational and sporty way to discover the site of Reals. With your team members, you'll have to overcome different obstacles: Tyroleans above Reals' Chaos, climbing test, shooting a blowpipe, orienteering course, quiz about the environment. Will you beat the challenge?” Réussirez vous ce ... More


Courses - The Caroux – the mount of the Gleyzo – The Chavardes - The Orques Cliffs – The peak of Ramandure – The Traucat rock – The Pin tower - And many more ! Fixed rate minimum 5 people “Discovery” hike Children/Teenager up to 17 → €16 Adults → 22 € "Sports” hike Children/Teenager ... More