The Escapade (17 Km)

From Ceps to the Réals canoe base

6 hours of canoe trip, for paddle lovers!

Adjusted vest, paddle in hand, bottle tightly closed, you are at the Ceps bridge, within the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. And before you, 17 km of canoe or kayak ride and almost 6 hours for an unforgettable day.
The first rapids will take you towards the old mill, the “Aqualand” rapids, the “S” rapids and the “Luneterie” rapids. Approaching the village of Roquebrun, Petit Nice de l’Hérault then offers you an exceptional panorama of the tower, the Mediterranean garden and the beach for a well-deserved stopover! Then it’s the turn of the “Défilé” rapid and the “Pyramid”. The quieter end of the route will allow you to stroll until you arrive at Réals.

Technical passages:

  • the rapid “Aqualand”
  • the rapid “S”
  • the rapid “Eyewear”
  • the quick wallet
  • the Maynard Dam slide
  • the passage of the square.
  • the “Indiana Jones” passage
  • the “Ass Bomb” passage
Parcours évasion en canoë Kayak de 17km sur l'OrbParcours évasion en canoë Kayak de 17km sur l'Orb

Our Evasion route lasts approximately 6 hours in summer. Course suitable for experienced paddlers or long-distance enthusiasts.

1 departure per day, with reception in Réals Canoe kayak at 9 a.m.

Treat yourself to some thrills with 3 slides (canoe passes).

Book your route “L’Evasion – 17 Km” now and let yourself be embarked on this 100% Natural Park route!


Paddle lovers, this is the route for you! A beautiful day, sporty and fun, in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. If I had to give advice? Don’t forget the break on Roquebrun beach, it’s the most beautiful village in the world.

Our prices

(2 persons)
(1 person)
 60 € 34 €
From 10 to 19 persons
57 €  32 €
More than 20 persons
 55 €  31 €

Fixed rate includes: the equipment (boat, lifejacket, paddle, waterproof container) as well as the transfer up to the chosen starting point.

Free parking place. refreshments.

Download the map of the various courses : Map