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Guided descent

Although canoeing and kayaking are highlights of the summer, you can enjoy them just as well in the autumn and the spring. As you are travelling down the flowing river, the canoe and kayak are also a way to immerse yourself in the stunning countryside and discover the many facets of this river. As you pass by at the foot ... More

Organized group activities

« Adventurer » option, Enjoy multi-activities… A climbing session and canoeing initiation in one day - 48 €   "Nature Lover" option, enjoy nature totally… An Accro’ Roc course, one night in a tent marabout (big round tent) and one day canoeing or kayaking - 65 €   "Bivouac" option", an unforge... More

The Adventurer (32 Km)

Breathtaking panoramas: the cliffs of Camps, the picturesque villages of Vieussan, Ceps, Roquebrun and Cessenon. Rapids for thrills, calmer moments for strolling and enjoying swimming, nights at the water's edge for unforgettable memories. What a great adventure! More

The Escapade (17 Km)

Fitted vest, paddle in hand, bottle tightly closed, you are at the Ceps bridge, within the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. And before you, 17 km of canoe or kayak ride and almost 6 hours for an unforgettable day. More

The Imperative (12 Km)

Explore the Orb River through our 12-kilometer course, a canoe-kayak descent from Roquebrun to our canoe base in Réals. This tour offers an immersive nature experience, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts. More

The “Discovery” (5 Km)

Family route to stroll along the water...From Baous to Réals, crossing Cessenon-sur-Orb and discover your first emotions in a canoe at the end of a discovery route lasting approximately 2 hours. An easy level course for the family! more More